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Better xCloud

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Improve Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) experience on
It also allows you to use Remote Play on the xCloud website.

How to pick the best browser for your device

Third-party apps

Will I get banned for using this?

No, it's safe to use. xCloud devs endorsed Better xCloud before and confirmed they "don't ban people for using a third party client or extension". As always, use it as your own risk.

Key features

  • Free and open-source

    Totally free and open-source.
    Also ads-free and tracking-free (except trackers from the xCloud website, but you can disable those).

  • Safe to use

    Never send your Xbox account or token to another website.

  • Remote Play support

    Desipte its name, Better xCloud supports using Remote Play on website at 1080p. You can even stream Xbox 360 games.

    How to enable

  • High visual quality

    Enable 1080p resolution & high-quality codec profile on all devices (if supported).

  • Clarity boost

    Use multiple methods to improve the visual quality of the stream to make it look clearer and sharper.

    How to use

  • Local co-op support

    Allow playing some xCloud games locally.

    How to enable

  • Mouse & Keyboard support

    Allow playing with mouse & keyboard, either natively or virtually on desktop browsers and in Android app.

    Native Mouse & Keyboard

    Virtual controller

  • Touch controller

    Allow playing with touch controls in all games

    How to enable

  • Custom touch controllers

    Custom touch controller layouts for non-touch supported games

    Supported games

  • Taking stream's screenshot

    Take screenshots of the stream with a single click.

    How to use

And many more...

Screenshots (Android app)

Script settings
App settings
Stream settings
Stream menu


  • Use it at your own risk.
  • This project is not affiliated with Xbox in any way. All Xbox logos/icons/trademarks are copyright of their respective owners.